The French specialist

in PVC film calendering

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The French specialist

in PVC film calendering

Our vinyl film ranges

Industry solutions

TRAVYL offers a wide range of products adapted to different requirements and transformation processes, applications and specific features.

As it formulates its own products, TRAVYL can adapt the characteristics of its products depending on the specific requested features.

Extensive range of colours and textures.

Specific technical films depending on specifications
(Anti UV, flame retardant, etc.).

Small series, short deadlines, multiple choices, narrow sizes, availability.

Flexible, transparent, weldable films.

Low-phthalate range, choice of colours adapted to children.

Transparent, textured, glittery and decorative films.

A solution adapted to your needs

An array of possibilities

  • Transparent, choice of colours and textures,
  • Extensive range of glitters,
  • Standard thickness: 40 to 750 microns,
  • Standard widths: 200 to 1400 mm

Standard or specific packaging

  • Delivery in small quantities,
  • Cutting options: widths from 30 to 200 mm,
  • Reel packaging,
  • Short deadlines.

High Tech films

  • Specific formulations (Anti-static, Anti-UV, cold resistant, printable, etc.),
  • Flame retardant films (M1, M2).

Super-transparent film recognised by the industry:

Films respecting Reach regulations.

Our service

The versatile production lines, know-how and motivation of the entire TRAVYL® team allows us to offer all clients a rapid, effective and reliable service.

Benefiting from a flexible and operational tool, TRAVYL® can cut reels in widths from 30 to 200 mm on demand.

In collaboration with its clients, TRAVYL® helps develop production scrap recovery solutions.

Thanks to an effective commercial network, TRAVYL® exports to over 8 countries.