TRAVYL Internal Training

by Marieke Alix

After several months of technical training, Jonathan MARCONNOT became a qualified calenderer on our machine Calandre 4.

We also thank Pascal LETHIMONNIER, his trainer during this period.

Therefore TRAVYL has a new employee able to drive one of the machines.


by Marieke Alix

INDUMAPAC, our partner in MOROCCO, is currently exhibiting in TANGER at the 6th Automobile Subcontracting Show (AMICA).

INDUMAPAC is showing its entire range of products processed in Morocco as well as its range of trading products.


by Marieke Alix

In order to follow its growth, TRAVYL SAS is looking for professional setters of calandering line for one of its site in NORMANDY (near CAEN).

New range Stock Service in September 2019

by admin

TRAVYL is pleased to announce that its new range Stock Service will be operational current Septembre 2019.

Given our latest customer requests, we try to advance the launch date at the earliest.

Your disposition.