The French specialist

in PVC film calendering

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The French specialist

in PVC film calendering

Vinyl Chips

An extended product range


Thanks to its expertise, TRAVYL has been able to create new activity – vinyl chips intended for the vinyl flooring coating market.

The chips manufactured from calendered rigid vinyl film are crushed and sieved. A wide range of sizes, thicknesses and colours are available to offer our clients an extended range of products with specific and technical formulations.

Product solutions

We offer our clients 6 main sizes of vinyl chips (A1, A2, A3, C1, C2 and C3) as well as three colour ranges – pearly, coloured and glittery – in thicknesses ranging from 100 to 400 µm. We also offer our clients the option to choose a special texture for the film.

“We provide our clients with innovative product solutions to create and develop trendy decorative effects.

Technical solutions

Technical Informations :

Parameter Method Unit of measure Specification
Sheet Thickness Micrometer thick µm + / – 10
Phtalate Rate Quarterly external


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Light Fastness DIN 53389 Blue scale 1 to 8 Minimum 6
Electrostatic Charge SIMCO FMX 003 Volt < or = 2000

Despite precautions taken during production, it is possible that 1% of vinyl chips might exceed the thickness tolerances defined by TRAVYL.

The recommended temperature of use is 150°C for 1 minute, beyond 190°C the vinyl chips might be damaged.

Practical information

Delivered quantities and delivery tolerance:

Quantity Tolerance
Under 200kg +/- 20%
From 201 to 500kg +/- 15%
From 501 to 1000Kg +/- 10%
Over 1001kg +/- 5%

Our packaging options:      

  • In boxes on a 800 x 1200 pallet
  • In big bags on a 1100 x 1100 pallet