Thanks to our teams and our staff

by Marieke Alix

I would like to thank all the staff and teams of #TRAVYL and its subsidiaries #INDUMAPAC and #GREPA who are mobilized and who continue to serve our customers.

The working conditions are difficult, the measures of the barrier gestures are constraints but all those who are present do a magnificent job and motivate us in our determination.

All our transparent and opaque films are not essential, but to be able to continue to produce for the sectors of protection, nuclear power, etc. is a challenge. are a source of pride for all of us.

Thanks to their presence, we are going to produce a very large order of transparent protective films for Germany to make flexible separation airlocks.

Thanks to all our teams.

Luc Chavany



by Marieke Alix

THE #TRAVYL FILM to help you create areas of #protection: workshops, shopping areas, waiting rooms, offices…

Our 620 CRYSTAL Flexible Vinyl film from 100µ to 300µ thickness available in 1400mm width, for vertical separations but also for floors, in standard rolls from 10 to 30 kg maximum, on cardboard cores.

Easy to use: double-sided, adhesive, pins, scissor cut…

A fire resistant formulation M2 version is also available, as well as a version approved by our PMUC customers, for nuclear applications.

MANUFACTURING #France #Normandy in compliance with the European legislation REACH.

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